CFO, (Chief Fun Officer)
Our 2.5 year old female silver standard poodle

August 1-31, 2021

Summer has been cooler on the ranch in Taos this year. Lots of hazy skies (due to the fires in the west), afternoon rains, along with more wind for this time of year. I always long for autumn and this year even more so. Autumn is my favorite time of year so I anxiously await the crisp fall air. Regardless, it is still summer here and the blue full moon is a delight. Any time of year with Sierra is the best time!

I have bought Sierra a few fancy neck wear collars. It makes me smile and she does not mind humoring me. We also bought Sierra some wellies to wear if we have to walk on hot pavement. She prances like a deranged pony when wearing them, but if we have the occasion when she must walk on hot pavement, at least we can protect her feet. We also have snow muttluks for her to wear in very cold snow weather, which she has yet to try on.

I weigh & measure Sierra once a month, so here are her stats as of August 30, 2021: 14″ collar, girth: 24″, height to shoulder: 25″ weight: 34.5 lbs.

Photos for the Month of August 2021