CFO, (Chief Fun Officer)
Our 2.2 year old female silver standard poodle

May 1-31, 2021

Sierra, our 2.2 year old silver standard poodle, has been with us now for 2 years. We adore her, as she adds joy, entertainment and love.

I weigh & measure Sierra once a month, so here are her stats as of May 30, 2021: 14″ collar, girth: 24″, height to shoulder: 25″ weight: 34.5 lbs.

We have had a quiet May, with lots of wind and the start of warmer weather, after a few rainy days. The bunnies are out running about as well as the squirrels and prairie dogs. Sierra is now obsessed with watching for any movement within her fenced yard and beyond. She stares intently for hours from inside, just in case someone flies or runs by. I think she likes watching the outside creatures more than she loves playing catch with John.

We are all looking forward to warmer summer days and cooling nights. Our windows and doors are wide open as we welcome our first summer on the ranch.

Sierra Photos May 2021


Celebration of 2 years:

Sierra celebrating 2 years