Sierra October 26 through November 25, 2019

Dog training classes are progressing. We are hoping to start preparing for service dog training, getting our Canine Good Citizen certificate and adding new commands in 2020. Main focus for me is taking Sierra out every day in public spaces where she can get used to traffic noises, people and going into to stores. I prefer being a hermit, but Sierra needs to be exposed to new environments so she can get her exuberant “zoomies” behavior under control.

So much to learn & do. Sierra is the focus of my attention these days and I am loving spending time with her.

I have been asked, “What is Sierra learning?” Sierra is learning basic commands: walking on a loose leash, not jumping up on people, along with duration, distance & distraction to the commands: sit, stand, lie down, wait, chill, come. Sierra knows these simple commands, but if we do not repeat these several times a day in different environments, on leash and off leash, then she really does not know the commands.


Running in the leaves in the side yard, as an example of Sierra’s exuberant “zoomies” behavior November 17:


The monthly photo gallery: