Sierra: July 08, 2019–August 15, 2019

Sierra, as of August 15, 2019 weighs 25 lbs. Her monthly stats read as follows: height to shoulder: 20.5”, girth 21”, collar 13”. This doesn’t indicated how wonderful she is! She is turning silver around her face, her back legs and the lower part of her front legs. Karen, her breeder, says she will fully turn silver in 12 months. We adore her!

Sierra has started puppy classes. She is extremely bright. We are learning how to work with her through an amazing trainer, Jane Gerard, of . While Sierra catches on very quickly, her people have lots to learn. Jane is working with us in private classes for the next 6 weeks. She has convinced us that Sierra also needs to be in puppy day care for a few hours each week to learn to be with other dogs. Our hermit lifestyle is great for us, but Sierra needs to socialize, hence the puppy day care.

We all recently went on an amazing drive up to Fraser Peak above Taos Ski Valley for the day. What a wonderful experience with friends and a great place to picnic. No wind until we were about to leave. Sierra loves traveling in the car. She is very curious and now takes up the back seat in the jeep while being tethered in her seat hammock.

Sierra turns 5 months old on August 18!