Sierra October 2020

CFO, (Chief Fun Officer)

We have all settled into ranch living, now that we are located on Tarleton Ranch. Ranch life suits us all, but especially Sierra, where she has almost daily walks and ball chasing time. It is very dusty here, compared to “city” living. I have to remind myself that Sierra would stay cleaner if she were only a stuffed toy sitting on my bed. So Sierra gets bathed every 2 weeks. It is making more work for me, but I love our “girl time”.

With all the wide open spaces on the ranch where the cows roam freely, we have found a place to exercise Sierra where she can chase her ball. She loves running and catching her ball.

I weigh & measure Sierra once a month, so here are her stats as of October 18, 2020: 14″ collar, girth: 24″, height to shoulder: 24″ weight: 32lbs (2lbs less than last month for some reason, perhaps due to more exercise?)


Sierra’s photos for the month of October 2020: