December 27, 2003 – April 5, 2019

15 years, 3 months old


“For all they bring to our partnerships, we want to acknowledge the beloved dogs who have become to so many of us, our families, our friends, our teachers and our healers. We honor them; for their playfulness and joy, for their nurturing and devotion, for their patience and forgiveness, for the opportunity to step outside ourselves and explore through their eyes all that the world has to offer, from a perspective of living in the simple, but perfect present moment. We give our deepest gratitude.”

“Striving to come closer to our common ground with all animals, we commit ourselves to rise above our own self-interest. Recognizing who these precious beings are, shifts our perception from that of having dominion or control over our kin, to that of having the privilege of being entrusted with serving and revering them through the everyday action of our lives, with respect and responsibility, with justice and protection, with balance and attention, with light hearts and deep love. In short, we celebrate these relationships for the love we bring into each others lives, which generates the healing we bestow upon one another, as we walk together on the path toward wholeness.” – BodyWork for dogs Lynn Vaughan & Deborah Jones

We set Aeowyn’s spirit free from all pain and suffering with a celebration of her transition at a sunrise ceremony on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Aeowyn is our best fuzzy pal, our guardian spirit, an amazing service dog and the best part of our life. We are deeply grateful for the love we have shared. Aeowyn is greatly missed.~Dianne & John

“It is with dogs that we permit ourselves feelings
of the deepest joy and the deepest sorrow.
Dogs are not our whole lives,
but they make our lives whole.”

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Here is Aeowyn’s Dog Treat Recipes in PDF »